Tecnatom Group at Angra NPP-Unit 2 2P15 outage

Angra 2 returned to operation and was synchronized to the power grid on Wednesday April 22 once finished the execution of the roughly 4,500 activities scheduled for the 2P15 outage.

Group Tecnatom has been a relevant participant in the outage, performing the automated UT inspection of the turbine rotor LP3 disks and other manual inspections (UT, PT, MT, VT) as a result of the local ISI contract, recently awarded to Tecnatom do Brasil.

The outage critical path (turbine works) was under our responsibility in two activities: turbine disks UT and turbine blades MT. Our main contribution to the success of the outage was to deliver the turbine around 12 hours earlier than scheduled.

A crew over 60 people was mobilized to the site. No accidents or contaminations happened and TE Group was also congratulated by the customer on that.

Within the local ISI contract, four TEdB permanent inspectors stayed in Angra NPP- Unit 1 working in the preparation of next 1P25 outage, to happen next January.

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Posted on junho 10, 2019 in Noticias

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