With Angra 1 NPP operation license expiring in 2024, ageing management and Long Term Operation (LTO) are especially concerning topics for ELETRONUCLEAR, the public Brazilian nuclear energy generation company.

In this regard, Tecnatom was invited to present its capabilities and experience with the Spanish nuclear power plants in a Seminar held on past February 26th and 27th.

Leaded by Tecnatom PhD Ignacio Marcelles, the Seminar was attended by the ELETRONUCLEAR work group specifically teamed up to deal with LTO and other Engineering Department members.

Beside LTO and ageing management, we had the opportunity to present another Tecnatom Group solutions as Knowledge Management Services (SOUL), new inspection services and support to KTA to ASME standard migration for Angra 2.

This kind of events are very appreciated by our most relevant client in Brazil and we are sure that several business opportunities will arise

BONUS: Ignacio Marcelles visited Brazil with the always-welcome company of Francisco Cazorla and Gabriel Martínez Ariza, visiting another relevant customers and partners as the Brazilian Navy and INB (Indústrias Nucleares Brasieiras). Taking into account that Paco Cazorla retirement is very close, he received a farewell and special appreciation plaque from Tecnatom do Brasil. THANKS FOR ALL, PACO!


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Posted on março 8, 2019 in Noticias

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