From left to right: Francisco Sánchez (Vice-President), José Luis Delgado (Training Director), Antonio Ramiro (TEdB Deputy Director) and Carlos Otton (TEdB Director)
Tecnatom do Brasil has received the visit of Francisco Sanchez and Jose Luis Delgado during their recent trip to Brazil. Together with Carlos Otton and Antonio Ramiro, they have been presenting the project SOUL to different companies in the nuclear business, such as Atech, Brazilian Navy, INB and Eletronuclear. All of them have demonstrated interest in further information and a pilot in PLANT has been offered to Eletronuclear, using the staff that we have already working for them.


During the visit to TEdB facilities, both Carlos Otton and Antonio Ramiro have also been briefed about SOUL in order to present it to other companies


We see good perspectives for SOUL in Brazil.
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Posted on janeiro 14, 2019 in Noticias

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